BrainMe Geography

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Do you know where is Colombia? Or Kyrgyzstan?
Come on! That’s general knowledge – you should know it!

Don’t worry, that’s our mission: to make you a brainy! With BrainMe™!

You will learn the Position, Flags, Capitals and a lot of Fun Facts from every country. Of course is everything for free!

Don’t waste time repeating what you already know. We developed the “Jöcker Algorithm” based on spaced repetition, neuro-linguistic programming and associative memory that will make you learn fast and without any pressure.



  • Three different game modalities: Position, Flags and Capitals.
  • Special “Jöcker Algorithm“ for effective learning
  • More than 220 fun facts – Sense of humor inclusive
  • Totally free
  • All content available offline
  • Simple and gentle user interface
  • Optimized to be used with one hand
  • Not sovereign states and small countries can be ignored
  • Available in English, Spanish and German
The APP was for two years in AppStore. Now is out of order.